Family Scholarship to Friends for Life Conference

If you've never heard of the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference, you should!  This conference is held in Orlando each July, now at Walt Disney World Resort. 

This conference is life-changing for those living with diabetes, especially kids!  This conference not only gives these kids the opportunity to learn ways to better manage their diabetes, learn about the latest technology in diabetes care, but allows them to meet other kids from all over the world who share their disease.  The kids who attend this conference, walk away with friends for life who understand what they're going through.  

Last year, The Diabetes Dude started providing family scholarships to attend this fantastic conference.  We sent two teens and their families, AJ from Massachusetts, and Avery from New Jersey.  Both AJ and Avery were able to have their own experiences at FFL (Friends for Life), meeting new friends, attending different sessions to learn more about their diabetes, and having some fun with people who "get it".  

This year, we've handed out a total of 10 family scholarships for this conference.  We are very excited to share the fun and the experiences these families will have this summer wit you!  Look for updates this July here and through social media.  You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

To learn more about the Friends for Life conference, visit

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018 conference at this time.