Meet The Diabetes Dude

Noah's Story

Noah is a 16 year old who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was just 6 years old.  Many people in his community didn't quite understand what his disease was all about and soon after diagnosis, he started realizing people stopped inviting him to birthday parties and get togethers.  When he asked them why, they would say, "because you have diabetes and you can't ____".  Insert here anything from you can't eat cake to you can't play soccer.  You name it, they came up with it.  The kids just didn't understand that just because he had diabetes, didn't mean that he suddenly couldn't do the things he always did before, he just needed to change the way he did them now. It was frustrating.  

When Noah was 8, he decided to teach his community more about his diabetes and decided to take blue plastic lawn flamingos with a note explaining about his diabetes attached to them.  He would name each flamingo with a "D" name for diabetes, drop one on someone's lawn, and see what happened.  The note would also ask people to take a picture of them doing something fun with his diabetes flamingo so he could post the pictures to his website so people could see all the things that people can do "with diabetes" (the flamingo being diabetes).  

Within two weeks, Noah's little diabetes awareness campaign for his community went viral and before he knew it, he had people requesting flamingos from all over the world!  By the end of 2010, he had at least one blue flamingo in every state in the United States and they started moving into other parts of the world like Singapore, London, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico!  

Since that time, Noah has been in countless magazines and newspapers, been on national television, and has traveled the country for speaking engagements at corporations, events, and diabetes camps encouraging and inspiring others to educate their own communities about Type 1 diabetes and, more importantly, to live their life in a positive way with their diabetes.