About The Flamingos

Why Blue Flamingos?

When Noah was 8 years old, he wanted to teach his community about type 1 diabetes.  Kids and adults in his community just didn't seem to understand his disease.  Kids would tease him about his disease or tell him he couldn't do things like play sports or attend a birthday party because he had diabetes.  He wanted to grab the attention of people and make them take notice so he decided to use BLUE flamingos as blue is the international color for diabetes awareness.  Noah named each one of his flamingos with a "D" name for diabetes.  

Noah took his flamingos, dropped them off on neighbor's lawns with a note explaining a little bit about Type 1 Diabetes.  He wanted people to understand that people with diabetes can do anything everyone else can, even with diabetes.  He asked that people take a picture of themselves doing something fun with his flamingos (which represent diabetes) and send him a picture so he can post it online on his site to share with the world.  He also used this as a fundraising opportunity, at that time, to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association.  He asked that once you sent in the picture of your flamingo, that you give us another address to send the flamingo to.  He would then stop by, remove the flamingo, and send it to another recipient.  

Noah's diabetes awareness campaign went viral in less than two weeks and soon, his flamingos were all over the country!  By June of 2013, Noah had raised well over $2000 for the American Diabetes Association and had a flamingo in every single state in the United States, and the flamingos were soon making their way into other countries.  

Each spring, Noah sends his flamingos off on another journey to see how far they go, tracks each and every one, and raises funds for a great cause.  Pictures are posted on his site as well as through social media and thousands of people from all over the world, living with diabetes, log on daily to see what new adventures Noah's flamingos are taking part in.  It brings such joy to kids who don't know anyone in their own communities, to see what they too can do, with their diabetes.  

In 2018, Noah's flamingos are raising funds for Type One Positive, his 501c3 nonprofit for kids with diabetes.  All proceeds from this year's fundraiser will be used to send kids with diabetes and their families to an international diabetes conference for kids in Orlando in July.  This conference is life-changing for those who attend.  They learn about everything from the latest technology for kids with diabetes, to research, all while being surrounded by thousands of others who are going through the exact same thing.  

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Flamingo Updater

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